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February 27, 2009


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With civilian dictator in place Pakistan is not far from becoming a failed state very soon. There is no rule of law, judiciary is sold out, and judges have devilish grins on their faces while they bargain promotions, perks, and power with the dictator.

Disqualifying leaders of opposition after the people of Pakistan have given their verdict will push the nation down on a disaster path. The economy has already received serious economic blows and cannot sustain political instability for long.

Almost everyone has condemned the verdict given by the hijaked Supreme Court, including sensible people from within PPP, except for a major ethnic party from the Sindh province. Any opposition party that will support this decision should read the history what happened to PPP regime when Civilian Dictatorship powers were concentrated after 1970 in one person.

What a Shame!

Pakistan wake up!

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