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October 19, 2006

Poverty Reduction – In the Line of Fire

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I am not sure how much intellectual contribution “In the Line of fire” will ever make, however it does help to reduce poverty in Pakistan. I was waiting in line to buy the book till it starts selling on footpath, however just discovered that many photocopy shops in universities and colleges are already selling photocopied versions for Rs. 140 to 200 (US $2.5 to $3.5). Poor photocpoy chaps have got a huge demand for this item specifically these days and they are selling copies on a very small premium. This has indirectly created an additional income earning opportunity that can alleviate poverty of photo copy stall owners in colleges and universities. I guess President’s poverty reduction ambition is served well (pun intended).

If someone sells atleast one copy per day and make Pak Rs60=US$1 in profit that would eventually meet the world poverty threshold level (People below poverty line are those who earn less than $1 a day. By the way I am not taking into account purchasing power parity-ppp into account in my analysis-rest of the math should be yours); I guess poor chaps are selling more than one copy per day.

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